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Cubb Clowns
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Cub Studios (lots more Clowns)


Welcome to our web site!

This is an introduction to my web site. These are just some of my clowns. You can go to to view more of each catagory.

These are my Clowns. I have been making them for over 18 years. They are one-of-a- kind, made from a modeling compound called Sculpey. They are hand sculptured using a toothpick and a lot of care. They are painted in acrylics, signed and registered with a number and covered with a gloss varnish of three coats. Some come on a wooden pedestal, but most are free-standing. Size is listed on each photo. With each clown, you receive a certificate with its registration numbe. I have made over 750 since I began. I use to sell at craft shows and malls. I am now trying it for the first time on my web site . Each clown will be limited to no more then 100 copies unless otherwise changed by mysel. For clowns that are in stock, allow one to two weeks for delivery. If the clown is sold out and needs to be remade, I will contact you immediately. Please allow 3-4 weeks for restock and delivery. Please feel free to special order. I gladly accept custom requests. Please allow 6 weeks delivery for special orders.I will add Holiday clowns as the holidays approach.

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Smile This Clown Loves Ya!


$25.00 Including S&H

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